when life hands you mud…

… make chocolate milk.

Well that’s what my boys think at least.

I see it all over social media. FB statuses from weary Mom’s just WAITING for bedtime and longing for a full nights sleep. You see blog posts of encouragement and “don’t give ups” and “enjoy these precious moments when they are little because before you know it they are graduating college!” These little blessings (our children) are also the very things that can make us C R A Z Y. We all know this. Then two minutes later that same Mom, that can’t wait for bedtime, posts on FB that her heart was completely melted by the kiss and “i love you mom” from their child. The very blessings that make us feel completely drained are the very blessings that make us feel ALIVE. That make it all worth it. That make us say, “I was born for this.” Taking photos of my boys helps me to focus on the little tiny moments that I would otherwise forget a year from now. It’s one of God’s gifts to me. I’ll be able to pull up pictures of the every day things that made them so happy and me to happy to watch.

I learn so much from my boys… like, “when life hands you mud…make ‘chocolate milk’.”  (That’s what they were making so intently in these photos :))



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