Wedding Wednesday // A Photographers Timeline


This is my first introduction into “Wedding Wednesday” blog posts! 🙂 Every other Wednesday I plan to blog about information pertaining to weddings and photography! I am opening up my schedule to hopefully photograph more weddings this year (last couple years I only accepted one or two a year) so I thought these posts would be helpful for my future brides to refer to when planning their big day.

Even though I am “new” to the wedding world in my photography business, I have forever been a lover of weddings. Yes, I was the little girl who dreamed of her wedding from an early age and couldn’t wait until the day when it was MY turn to get married. Gosh, the wedding magazines I had collected, The Knot account I created before I even had a boyfriend (haha) the movies and shows about people getting married — my favorite movie in high school was “The Wedding Planner” with Jennifer Lopez AND my Mom had always told me that if she could pick who I would marry she would give me the “Father of the Bride” wedding! HAH Well… she didn’t get to pick who I married (even though she very much approved) AND I still got my dream “Father of the Bride” wedding. After planning my own wedding and then a year later helping with my sisters, I even got a chance to coordinate a couple weddings and offer advice and help anywhere I could to friends getting married. ALL that to say my love for weddings has helped me TREMENDOUSLY in regards to photographing them.

One of the most important things on the wedding day is the timeline. This might be the LEAST fun part to a bride, but this is one thing that can make or break your photography! I believe all wedding timelines should be a Photographers Timeline. I have a Sample Timeline that I send my brides (I just recently revamped it a bit) and I work with them on creating the timeline that allows for them to get ALL the photos they need and with the best change for good light. I’ll dive into more detail in future posts on the “whys” behind details of the timeline, but for today’s post I wanted to share my Sample Timeline for the wedding day. Keep in mind ALL weddings are different and this is just a starting place. I first start by figuring out when sunset is, then I recommend an ideal time for your ceremony to begin. Then everything else gets set into place based on other details of your day.

The timeline below is working off of a 6pm ceremony time frame and a couple that chooses to do a First Look — which I HIGHLY recommend and I will explain why in the next Wedding Wednesday post 🙂

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